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I am an Oakland based artist, illustrator and creature concept designer, I graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY with my BFA in 2009. I am originally from northern California, I grew up along the rocky coasts and in the forested hills of the far pacific northwest. It was in this landscape that I developed my love for the natural world. I have always had a passion for nature and for animals, my art work is an ode to my love of wild places and creatures, as well as the heart breaking loss of both wilderness and wild things.

My work alludes to the boundaries that separate what is human and what is animal, and the way those boundaries blur and break over time. I am interested in the relationship of mythology and reality as well, and the way those two concepts clash in the animal form, the way in which people think about and categorize animals and wilderness is often heavily influenced by the mythological background of that creature or place, it has become culturally ingrained. Animals have long captivated the human imagination, we have assigned to them all kinds of powers and intentions regardless of the reality of the beast. We have mutated the concept of the animal as much as we have mutated the earth we live on. 

I work primarily in ballpoint pen and watercolor on paper, creating pseudo mythical, mutated and anthropomorphic creatures that explore my own mythology of the natural world as well as the devastation of its loss.